H. Beck 
Illobrand von Ludwiger 

Basic Ideas of Burkhard Heim's Unified Field Theory





MUFON-CES-Report No. 11 Interdisciplinary UFO Research
S. 191 – 240

This is a very good and easy to understand introduction into several aspects of the Heim Theory. In addition you will find some nice illustrations here that aren't published anywhere else.

Starting with the basics about Heims way to the unified field theory you will learn some more details and formulas going beyond a beginners view. Many more facts are presented than you can find here at Protosimplex.
Also some results and formulas are given that Burkhard Heim has found (see apendixes).

Another interesting aspect is the discription of how to understand practical consequences resulting from the existance if the 5th and 6th dimension ranging into our material world. Von Ludiger also tells some words about how to understand biological, psychical and paranormal phenomenas in the context of the Heim Theory.

In his 'Projector Theory' Illobrand von Ludwiger shows how non local influences can be explained with some interpretations of the Heim Theory. In this point of view interstellar travels jumping from one location of the universe to another seem possible.
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H. Beck, Illobrand von Ludwiger
Basic Ideas of Burkhard Heim's Unified Field Theory

MUFON-CES-Report No. 11 "Interdisciplinary UFO Research"; 1993; page 191-240; English
(49 pages, 9 illustrations, some formulas)

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Summary                                                        191
 1. Introduction                                               191
 2. Field Mass and Heim's Modified Law of Gravitation          195
 3. The 6-dimensionality of the World                          196
 4. The 5th and 6th Dimensions                                 197
 5. Minimum Distance and Metron                                200
 6. Metronic Mathematics                                       202
 7. The Building Material of Elementary Particles              204
 8. Metronic Condensations                                     204
 9. Cosmology                                                  206
10. The Structure and Masses of Elementary Particles           212
11. The 4 Types of Elementary Structures                       215
12. The Meaning of Self-Condensations in the Transdimensions   217
13. The Projector Theory (by I. von Ludwiger)                  224
Appendix A. Correspondence Between Relativity and Heims Theory 231
Appendix B. Smallest Distance and Metron                       233
Appendix C. Origin and Size of the Universe                    235
Appendix D. Elementary Charge                                  237
Appendix E. 4 Hermetric Forms                                  237

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