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Media list – Known audio and video recordings with Burkhard Heim


If further recordings are made available to me by the owner of the recordings, I will be happy to publish them here. (OP 2019)(OP 2019)


German TV show "Gravity and Space Travel" ("Schwerkraft und Raumfahrt").
Burkhard Heim and his contrabator and discussion about current and future space propulsion systems with Prof. Hermann Oberth, Prof. Pascual Jordan, Prof. Eugen Sänger


Discussion and report by Hermann Rockmann (RB)
Television program, ARD; Sun, January 19, 1964, 17:30
recorded on 14.06.1963 in Bremen

The Hamburger Abendblatt wrote on 20.01.1964: [...] it became obvious that the head of the programme was missing the thread: unfortunately there was no clear judgement of the experts about the equally sensational and controversial efforts of the Göttingen physicist Burkhard Heim to influence gravity and use it as a drive in space travel.
Gong 6/1964 wrote in his review: "On Sunday afternoon exercises for the III. program will take place, which should serve the general education. [...] Thus Hermann Rockmann was able to bring Professors Oberth, Pascual Jordan and singers together in his teaching, which must be called a sensation. However, it did not come up for discussion [...]. Hermann Rockmann, not free of the manuscript, did nothing to make the program more lively: [...]. One remained objective, hard as a bone, dry. It is questionable whether this will win over the TVs for the III. program. What the gentlemen had to say is in their books. [...]
Sources: tvprogramme,
Audio recording from the estate of Burkhard Heim:

Video, Subtitles de, Subtitles en, Transcript (de, en) PDF


Lecture and seminar at Basel Psi-Tage

Lecture held at Basler Psi-Tage, recorded on VHS cassette
Summary according to "The estate of the physicist Burkhard Heim":
lectures: B. Heim, A. Resch, Seminar: B. Heim

So far no copy available (one copy is in the Heim-Archiv, Northeim)


Statement in film „Contact - A Chance For Mankind“

Director: Yin Gazda, Royal Atlantis Film, Coriolis Film


Lecture "What significance do the findings of modern physics have for medicine?"


Lecture in Berlin-Steglitz in front of members of the Wilhelm-Reich Gesellschaft Berlin
on 09.06.1993 in a seminar room of the former Steglitz Clinic in front of about thirty listeners mainly from the medical field

Unreleased audio recording, playing time approx. 90 minutes


Lecture series at the FU Berlin "Uniform Description of the Material World and the Elementary Structures of Matter",
8 days, approx. 20 hours


Organized by Bernhard Harrer and Prof. Jerzy Myszkowski at the TU (Technical Univerity) Berlin, May and June 1994

1) 13. and 14.5.1994 Derivation of the theory of elementary particles, approx. 5 h
2) 27. and 28.5.1994 Gravitationis law, cosmology, cosmogeny, hyperspace, about 5 h
3) 10. and 11.6.1994 Being areas of nature, control from the non-material background, approx. 5 h
4) 4. and 25.6.1994 Outlook cosmology, life on other planets, bios, approx. 5 h

There are at least two different audio recordings of this lecture series made by participants.
Audio recordings not yet published. German transkript available at downloads.

ca. 1998

Video interview by Bernhard Harrer with Burkhard Heim and Gerda Heim about work and life

Unpublished, playing time approx. 5 hours

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