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Publications in English language regarding the Heim Theory

Introductions into the Heim Theory
Theoretical play with ideas of the Heim Theory

Current publications regarding the Extended Heim Theory (EHT) are listed in part 2.
You will find a much larger list with publications mostly in German language in the German section of protosimplex.

a picture of Heim (10 kB) Introductions into the Heim Theory

New: Illobrand von Ludwiger
The Physics of Burkhard Heim and its Applications to Space Propulsion (download pdf at MUFON-CES (D))
(Prepared for the presentation at the First European workshop on Field Propulsion, January, 20-22,  2001 at the University of Sussex); 2001; 50 pages

In this comprehensive essay you find a lot of details, formulas and some information never published before. The main focus here is a) the unified field theory with electromagnetic, gravitational and meso-field and b) the inner structure of elementary particles. In addion you find some information about experiments that were planned to test some aspects of the Heim Theory. (OP, 2001)

T. Auerbach, I. v. Ludwiger
Heims Theory of Elementary Particle Structures;
Journal of Scientific Exploration; 1992; #6; 217 – 231

Burkhard Heim
Elementary Structures of Matter; a short introduction (7 pages), download pdf

H. Beck, Illobrand von Ludwiger
Basic Ideas of Burkhard Heim's Unified Field Theory (more details)
MUFON-CES-Report No. 11 "Interdisciplinary UFO Research"; 1993; page 191 – 240; English
(49 pages, 9 illustrations, some formulas)

This is a very good and easy to understand introduction into several aspects of the Heim Theory. In addition you will find some nice illustrations here that aren't published anywhere else.
Another interesting aspect is the discription of how to understand practical consequences resulting from the existance if the 5th and 6th dimension ranging into our material world. Von Ludiger also tells some words about how to understand biological, psychical and paranormal phenomenas in the context of the Heim Theory.
(OP, 2000)

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Theoretical play with ideas of the Heim Theory

Harasim, A.; Ludwiger, I. v.; Kroy, W.; Auerbach, H. Th.
Laboratory Experiment for Testing the Gravi-Magnetic Hypothesis with Squid-Magnetometers (more details)
SQUID '85 – Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices and their Applications;  H. D. Hahlbohm and H. Lübbig editors; Walter de Gruyter & Co.; Berlin/ New York; 1985; pages 1183 – 1189, English
(7 pages, 4 illustrations)

By means of a Squid magnetometer (resolving down to 10-13 Tesla) a weak magnetic field might be measurable while rotating a mass with a speed of 300 cps. In this short article an illustration is shown how this setup might look like.
(OP, 2000)

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H. Beck
The Generation of Antigravity (more details)
MUFON-CES-Report #11 "Interdisciplinary UFO Research"; 1993; pages 241 – 293; English
(52 pages, 12 illustrations, 20 + 80 formulas)

The autor is looking for theoretical approaches derived from the Heim theory that may permit a generation of antigravity.
Formulas presented in this essay are not the exact formulas that Burkhard Heim has developed in his theory. So the modells shown here might have some errors and they may be some kind of speculation.
(OP, 2000)

For some speculative articles in English language see Protosimplex-links.

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