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What actually does 'Protosimplex' mean?

By uniting field theories and quantum mechanics German physicist Burkhard Heim designed a six-dimensional space, containing characteristics of both of these sections of our world at the same time.

Heim shows that different patterns of cyclic internal condensations are born from internal characteristics of this space, which can run circularly. These are so-called Protosimplexes – the simplest dynamic structures of our world.
One Protosimplex however can't exist alone. It exists only in connection to other protosimplexes, with which it is in exchange. A complete arrangement of such dynamic deflections closed in itself then in the world appears as elementary particle.
(Therefore you will never observe stable sub elements of elementary particles because they only exist in connection.)

A mathematical description of these dynamic arrangements supplies the mass spectrum of all ponderable elementary particles. All masses observed so far are included in this mass spectrum.

Thereby Heim's quantum field theory explains existence and mass characteristics of elementary particles by geometrical characteristics of six-dimensional physical space. Therefore a particle in space does not exist in space but it is space (space which is condensing cyclically in all six dimensions.)

Correctly you would have to say space is electroning around, protoning ...

Except γ, the reduced Planck constant ħ, ε0, μ0, γ in the Heim theory no further calibration factors are used.

Most detailed explanation of inner processes in elementary particles are given in:

"Protosimplexes are quanta of metric deformation.  Because of the 6 coordinates there are six different Protosimplexes which can step into internal correlation forming 'basic processes of flow'. A Protosimplex still has no material characteristics. Only if several Protosimplexes step into interrelation or exchange processes they will show material characteristics, i.e. inertia will appear.
As a function of 6 absolute Cartesian coordinates six different Protosimplexes appear, which can step into internal correlation's forming basic processes of flow. These basic flows can form chains, which will close again ... 
... Thus structure of the 4 different kinds of physical condensing (graviton, photon, mass, charged mass) is formed from Protosimplex correlation. A ponderable term is existent if initial conditions of the entire structure are re-created at least one time."

from "Die einheitliche 6-dimensionale Quanten-Geometrodynamik nach Burkhard Heim", p. 294
(uniform 6-dimensional quantum geo dynamics of Burkhard Heim)


The figure shows the density distribution of protosimplexes inside elementary particles.

There are 4 zones with different densities:

When I told to Heim in 1996 that the Berlin group wanted to call itself  'Protosimplex' he was very pleased because – as he said – "this is the simplest thing existing in the whole world".

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