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Heim Theory in the web

"The Research Group Heim-Theory attempts to call other physicists’ attention to this theory by suitable presentations of Heims works. The Research Group Heim-Theory decided to give an extensive theoretical introduction to Heim`s derivation of the mass formula first of all. Otherwise it might not be understood by most of the readers. For that reason and because of further other activities the publication of the mass formula will be postponed.
It should be reported, however, that a renewed numerical evaluation of the mass formula – by use of the most accurate value of the gravitational constant existing at present (still unknown to Heim) – results in better values for all elementary particles considered." (copyright by Dr. K. Gruener) (2002)
In july 2003 the group started to publish an Introduction to Heims Mass Formula.
Heim theory at www.the-unidentified.net
Some easy to understand English papers about Heim Theory by Sven Kolbow
– The Unified Quantum Field Theory of Burkhard Heim and the 5th Dimension
– Information structures of consciousness
Publisher of Burkhard Heims original books.
Walter_Droescher at www.researchgate.net
List of publications by Walter Dröscher and Jochem Häuser about Extended Heim Theory (EHT), who add new concepts to Heim theory and derive some additional conclusions about physical interactions in R6.
Forum: Burkhard Heim's Particle Structure Theory at physorg.com
Diskussion regarding the computation of Heims unified formula of particle masses with different software tools (Java, Excel).(2006)
Burkhard Heims 1982 and 1989 Mass Formulas implemented in various programming languages, such as C, C#, Excel, maxima, Mathematica, Pascal.
New: Pictures of Burkhard Heim:
A visit at the Heim family (mullerpower.com)
Two pictures from the 60s (web.archive.org) (2010)

Other download resources (Internet)

1. MUFON-CES (D) – since 2000 Illobrand von Ludwiger publishes a lot of new material here regarding the Heim Theory.

2. Berkant Goeksel has scanned some of the articles that where pubished only at the German MUFON-CES section.
(PDF-files are in low resolution):
Note 2005:
The link above is down.

Heim1.pdf: Beck, H., von Ludwiger: Basic Ideas of Burkhard Heims Unified Field Theory, MUFON-CES-Report #11, Interdisciplinary UFO Research (details )

Heim2.pdf: Beck, H. The Generation of Antigravity MUFON-CES-Report No. 11, Interdisciplinary UFO Research (details)
  Heim3.pdf: Heim, Burkhard: Elementary Structures of Matter (for a better copy see protosimplex)

Heim4.pdf: Harasim, A. Ludwiger, I. v.; Kroy, W.; Auerbach, H. Th. Laboratory Experiment for Testing the Gravi-Magnetic Hypothesis with Squid-Magnetometers; SQUID '85 (details)

Heim5.pdf: Heim, Burkhard Vorschlag eines Weges zur einheitlichen Beschreibung der Elementarteilchen; Zeitschrift für Naturforschung 1977 (details in German language )



this article from 1967 shows some thoughts of Burkhard Heim regarding the coppling of gravitational field and magnetic fields and the comments of other scientists
"CONQUEST OF GRAVITY AIM OF TOP SCIENTISTS IN U. S." New York Herald-Tribune: Sunday, November 20, 1955, pp. l & 36. You find the name of B. Heim here, but there are a lot of errors.
This is an article that appeared in a magazine called `Flying Saucers' that was written in 1967 by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe. There are some errors here. ("Heim revealed that by direct experimentation he had discovered a positive lead to antigravity.")

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